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Here is one of my latest projects: The photo postcard!

Each of my postcards is a black and white photograph taken from black and white film that has been exposed by me with an analogue camera and developed in my darkroom. From these negatives, I enlarge each postcard using the silver gelatin process, individually on baryta card stock in the historical 9 x 13 cm postcard format (larger formats are of course possible on request). Thus, each card is unique! After enlarging, each photo is tinted with selenium to achieve a long archival life.

All postcards are available for sale at the collectors' marketplace Delcampe.

  • Bargème, in the autumn mist (2018)
  • Bargemon, general view (2018)
  • Bargemon, Fontaine de la Poissonnerie (2019)
  • Chapel Saint-Romain near Brovès, military camp of Canjuers (2015)
  • Chateaudouble, general view (2019)
  • Bargemon, Rue de la Résistance (2018)
  • Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, le vieux pont sur le Riou
  • Chapel Sainte-Anne, Le Bourguet (2022)
  • Le Pont du Sautet, old bridge built in 1787 near Trigance (2018)
  • Trigance, general view (2019)
  • Arles, rue des Arènes
  • Brocante, on the road to Trigance (2017)

  • Les Plaines des Maures, Roman bridge (2018)

  • Les Plaines des Maures, Roman road Via Aurelia (2016)